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Our Company
Tribo Rail comprises of a UK based commercial office and distribution facility. All products are developed and manufactured in a purpose built technical centre and production facility located in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. The company is a subsidiary of Tribo, a Ukraine based advanced railway friction products manufacturer. Tribo has for many years, together with its sister company in Russia, Ural ATI, been the major supplier of railway friction to the former CIS countries.

Tribo Rail
was founded in the UK in order to expand the railway friction business of Tribo throughout the rest of the global railway friction market. Tribo Rail employ personnel who have significant experience of the global railway friction market. This includes experience of the application of friction materials on railway vehicles.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss any requirements you may have.

Tribo Rail was established in the UK in late 2008 as a subsidiary company of Tribo. More information about our parent company can be found by visiting the Tribo website.

The technical and commercial centre of competence for non-asbestos friction products is based at our office in Buxton, Derbyshire. The products are manufactured at the Tribo Rail factory in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine.

In the summer of 2013, a new test house was added to the resources of Tribo Rail. This facility houses a new Dynamometer and additional test machines, capable of simulating axle loads from trams and metros right through to high speed applications which will enable Tribo Rail to continue development of new materials for the friction market.

Tribo Rail extensive knowledge in the fields of railway friction and railway applications. We have a strong appreciation of the needs and practices of many railways, train builders and train maintainers throughout the World. We understand the need for technically advanced materials but we also understand the need to reduce running costs in an ever more demanding global market. We believe that this combination of experience and the manufacture of these technically advanced materials in a purpose built factory in Ukraine, enables us to offer something that many of our Competitors are unable to offer, High Quality, Low Cost.

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We believe that quality is the pedestal upon which safety is built and strive for the highest quality standards in everything we do - from assessing the friction needs of the rail vehicle, through the strict control of each of the ingredients used to manufacture our friction materials.

The Tribo Rail factory is a new purpose built facility accredited to standard ISO9001.

In July 2013, Tribo Rail was also certified to the RISQS scheme for the supply of brake products, to the UK railway industry.

In July 2017 the quality management system of the Tribo Rail commercial office was audited to the 2015 version of ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard and achieved accreditation.

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In October 2014 the environmental management system of the Tribo Rail commercial office was audited and achieved accreditation to the ISO14001 standard.

Tribo Rail products have a proven history of reducing pad wear, disc wear and wheel tread damage. This has certain environmental benefits for our customers and Tribo Rail.

  • Fewer deliveries to depots reduces everybody’s carbon footprint
  • Fewer pads being scrapped by the customer per year, reduces their carbon footprint and minimises landfill costs
  • Reduced quantity of cardboard cartons and pallets being used in deliveries, minimises the use of natural resources
  • Less time spent turning discs, limits unnecessary train movements, reducing the customers carbon footprint

These are a few examples of how our longer lasting products are helping the Environment.

Tribo Rail UK Ltd
Sustainability and Environmental Policy
This policy only covers the practices of the Tribo Rail UK Ltd commercial office located in the UK.

Please click on the PDF download links below if you wish to see the policy document and our ISO14001 and ISO9001 Accreditation.

Global Market
Tribo Rail is able to offer a portfolio of organic friction materials suitable for a wide range of applications.

We are confident that every Company using Railway Friction Products is a potential Customer of Tribo Rail.

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